Advocate for limited, responsible government.

Government by design since its inception was designed to be limited and accountable to the people. Government has been over reaching its authority more and more as time goes by. It is time we give taxpayers relief and get back to the original intent of government being limited and accountable to the people. As commissioner…

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Be as independent from state and federal government as possible

As commissioner I would wean Bonner County off unnecessary government grants which normally come with strings attached. I would also make sure Bonner County does not spend any of its time, money or resources on enforcing any unconstitutional state or federal mandates.

Fight against public land closure

These closures are taking place county wide on county, state and federal lands. These are lands that belong to the people and provide access to many of the activities enjoyed by the people of rural Bonner County. Many surrounding states have seen public access dwindle over the past decades and now we are seeing this…

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Encourage public service from churches and organizations.

As Americans the only thing we are entitled to are the unalienable, god given rights which are outlined to us in our constitution. Unfortunately, over time, the government has taken over the responsibility of social programs from private entities such as churches and volunteer organization, at the cost of the taxpayer. None of these programs…

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